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A Guest Post By :  Ryan Biddulph

 Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.


You may think I’m nuts. Loco. Off my rocker (You’d be right).But I do not want to sell these courses to you.
As a matter of fact, one of these courses is free. Gratis. Discounted to zero. Goose egg. Nil.

So you can get 3 robust, premium courses for the price of 2.

But I don’t go the hard sell route. I hardly go the sell route. I mean, I do offer 2 premium blogging courses, 1 mindset course and 126 eBooks for sale but at the end of the day my intent is this: I want you to find a match between your needs and these course solutions, if the match exists.

Very different intent than a hard sell, competitive approach, right?

My energy is about matching you with something you deem fun, freeing and yeah, if you really vibe with the love I’m doling out you’ll spread the love by purchasing one or more of my blogging courses.

My energy says: I don’t really need the money so I can offer these courses from a kinda detached, chilled, relaxed space.

Cultivating this energy and seeing the success I’ve seen BECAUSE I maintained this vibe took some time and you betcha I suffered through year’s worth of hideous blogging struggles, including some hellacious financial nightmares, testing and tweaking these course principles in the lab of life.

I created each of these courses for you bloggers because I want to see you hop scotch the horrific struggles I faced. I want to see you knife through traffic problems like a machete through butter. I want to see you hurdle over money problems like an Olympic track star.

Blogging Courses

The Catch

There is a very real catch to the 3 blogging courses I share below: you will have to dive full bore into freeing but sometimes highly uncomfortable inner/mindset work to really, really, really make your blogging career pop.

There’s a darn fine reason 81% of bloggers never make more than $100 during their entire online career.

There’s a darn fine reason I once had only 4 pennies in my pocket while being $70,000 in debt.

There’s a darn fine reason the same former broke, unemployed security guard is writing these words from a luxury Manhattan apartment in New York City, being spoiled with a million dollar view of the World Trade Center from high above the city.

And I’m not paying a dime for this place. House sitting for a friend for a few weeks. But no way could I do house sits all around the world at the drop of a hat if I was NOT a professional, full time blogger.

The reason why I struggled and now, why I’m having loads of fun and blogging from a place of live and seeing pretty darn neat results is because I learned that blogging is a mindset game, an energy game.

I shoehorned all the mindset tips that have worked really well for me, for you, in each of these courses, along with a slew of practical blogging tips to help you rock it out.

The Life

I have circled the globe over the past 6 years, living in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and Cyprus for months at a time by following the very principles I share in these tutorials.

After appearing on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Fox News, Entrepreneur and Forbes, creating a course to help you pop up on the same – or even higher profile – blogs seemed like the next logical step.

Ditto for producing the fundamentals course and the easy blogging creation.

Let’s chat a bit about each blogging course.


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

I created this blogging course in beautiful Granada, Nicaragua on a whim.

Or, when I nabbed the idea to create a foundational course for newbie to professional bloggers.

This one gives you a clear, simple blueprint for building your blog on 11 fundamentals.

I placed a heavy emphasis on mindset work because all your blogging struggles are rooted in the mind. The outside reflects back to you what you’re being and feeling.

I also added mad usable tips for growing your blog into a successful venture, providing real world examples of how you can boost your blog traffic and profits.

Even if you’ve had success and have become a full time, professional blogger it helps to revisit the fundamentals to bolster your campaign.

This is an audio course available on Selz.

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs


After seeing the difficulties most bloggers faced trying to land features on world famous blogs I shared my secrets through this blogging course.

Dissolve mental blocks to landing interviews on top blogs. Place guest posts on well-read, authority blogs. Make friends with high rolling bloggers.

The cool part about this jammy: you never, ever, never ever need to pitch anybody using these strategies.

People from Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News sought me out to do the features.

Be the hunted. Not the hunter. Much easier that way.

This piece is a combination audio course, video course and text course available on Teachable.

How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs


Blogging Made Easy

If you want blogging to be a wee bit easier I created Blogging Made Easy to help smooth your journey.

I know how difficult blogging may seem to be when you’re learning the ropes. The traffic struggles. The financial stumbles. The lack of social shares and comments, seeing your blog as a veritable ghost town as tumbleweeds flow through when you publish your latest post.

This course simplifies the concept of blogging. Instead of stuffing your mind with complex, advanced hacks and techniques I share how to build a prospering blog for anybody from new bloggers to advanced pros via this email or Messenger delivered course.

Blogging Made Easy is a text course available on

Blogging Made Easy


Your Turn

What do you look for in a blogging course?

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    Thanks so much for letting me share the courses here Adam 🙂 Appreciate it!

    I love to help folks with blogging so if anybody has any questions about my courses feel free to ask me.


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